Timini buys his fresh fruits from the western part of Burkina Faso mainly through its farmer’s cooperative. Due to the climate, this western part is one of the most important agricultural areas in Burkina Faso, It’s very suitable for (natural) production. The region has a relatively mild climate and fairly rich soil; also suitable for bananas, papaya, gingers, farming etc.

Timini’s dried fruit (mango) is processed from carefully selected, healthy, succulent and ripe fresh fruits from its orchards certified Global Gap or Organic. These dried fruits supply several vitamins and dietary fiber for a healthy wholesome: with their natural sweetness and flavor, they are special delight.

She is :

  • Rich in antioxidant, it could help fight against:
    • Chronic diseases,
    • Some cancers,
    • Cellular aging due to oxidative stress
  • It helps to fight against cardiovascular diseases
  • It reduces certain inflammations
  • It helps reduce excess LDL (bad cholesterol) as part of a balanced diet low in saturated fat
  • It improves the beauty of the skin
  • It facilitates intestinal transit


Variety: Amelie, lippens, Kent, Keitt and brooks
Specifications: slices, chunks, bits, Cheeks
Preservative: Preserved with Sulphur                                                      Production season: April – August
Type of production: Organic, fairtrade, Global Gap and conventional
Nutritional content: 1230.05 kJ per 100


It is a fruit rich in antioxidant which stabilizes glycemia and facilitates digestion.
Specifications: cube slice, chips, sweet or salty and bits
Type of production: unpreserved
Nutritional content: 354 calories per 100 g


Specifications: slice, rings or half slice
Type of production: unpreserved and conventional
Nutritional content: 93.6 kcal per 100 g


Specifications: rings and bits
Type of production: unpreserved and conventional
Nutritional content: 52.6 kcal per 100 g


Specifications: slices
Type of production: unpreserved and conventional (sodium meta bisulfite)
Nutritional content: per 100 g we have 43.30 kcal