About Us

Timini is a joint venture company created in 2014 in Bobo Dioulasso ,between  Fruiteq SARL (one of the most experienced exporters of fresh mangoes from Burkina Faso), MPAK Pty Ltd (one of the largest producers of  dried mangoes  from South Africa), and Westfalia (one of the  world largest dried Mango and Avocado marketer from south Africa . )

This joint venture between highly experienced companies in production enables Timini to supply high quality dried products in international market.

The company produces dried tropical fruits for European, American and Asian markets and works in partnership with other mango dries units that meet international food safety standards.

In addition to dried mango, TIMINI aims to produce and market other products such as dried bananas, coconuts, pineapples and dried papaya.

Among many TIMINI’s accreditations are Global GAP, Fairtrade, Organic certification NOP, EOS, Bio Suisse, Kosher, FDA certificate of registration, HACCP and BRC.


To be a leader in dried fruits with high quality and safe products in Burkina Faso and surroundings.


  • Satisfy and Provide excellent customer service
  • Provide the best income to workers, farmers, shareholders and all associated suppliers


  • Become the best dried fruits supplier in the region
  • Become the best employer through recognition of performance
  • Have good financial capacity by improving interest yield to generate cash
  • Maintaining a good neighbor relationship by paying a particular attention to environmental and social sustainability
  • Become a better business partner through reliability and trust maintained between each other.


    • Transform agricultural products (organic and conventional) in a healthy environment, using good quality fresh fruits.
    • Meet customers and legal requirements in term of quality and food safety by achieving and maintaining GSFI recognise certification
    • Uundertake and support the enforcement of health and security standards
    • Give authority and responsibility to the food safety team to suspend any activity or process that may compromise the quality or safety of the product and its effectiveness
    • Ensure financial and human resources for development, reinforce and maintain food quality and safety management system